Friday, September 26, 2008

Where were you?

As usual, the older kids at the orphanage weren't particularly interested in English. "I have A's in English," they all said. Riiiiight.

I could hear the counselor snapping at them to take the opportunity to get help from me while I was there. Eventually, 12 yr old Liosha approached with a textbook and reluctantly sat down at the table with me. As usual, he seemed very distant and spoke with his head down as if he were talking into his shirt.

"Where were you?" he asked suddenly.


"All this time."

"I was in America visiting my parents, and then I came back."

"But why were you gone for so long? You weren't even here for September 1st (the first day of school)."

"I was waiting for my visa," I said.

He gave some grunt to indicate that he would accept that answer. Could it be that he had missed me? Or was he afraid of abandonment, even by a teacher?

We practiced some dialogues together, and as I used funny voices for various characters, I saw the corners of his mouth begin to turn up in a smile.


  1. Yes. I could love that boy. I'm so glad you care about him.

  2. Лиза, ты молодец! Таким детям очень нужны такие как ты, даже, если они всем своим видом будут показывать обратное.

  3. Elizabeth,
    In answer to the question that you left on my crocheting blog, no I am an American living here in Russia. We are in Krasnodar!

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  4. He's very sweet. He also has a little sister.

    Им нужна семья! :(

  5. Hi Alida, I wasn't sure because you were writing in both Russian and English! I like your blogs.


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