Saturday, September 6, 2008


First, there was the Democratic National Convention. Now, the Republicans are convening, or whatever it's called.

I've never been to any sort of conference that didn't have something to do with worship. So I don't really get it. What is there to get excited about? What could such a crowd of people have in common?

Okay, I watched the Olympics. It's exciting to see displays of talent. But the convention is odd. I haven't found any of the speakers to be very eloquent. And I don't understand why the crowd chants things like "U.S.A."

Enlighten me?


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I wish I could remember the context in which I was thinking just this same sort of thing.... Why do this if there is no deeper meaning?

    But the weirdest thing to me about the conventions is how revved up and hysterical everyone is. It doesn't seem appropriate that something as important as a country's leader is chosen in a gathering that is more reminiscent of a sports competition.

  2. I actually have a different take on this. I do not understand why the Democratic Party even exists in the US. They are self-centered-think-of-themselves-first-care-none-for-the-US type of crowd. To me they represent the hippies of the 70's. The flower people. I have very little respect for your Democrats.

    To me the real America is not the Dems or Republicans... it's somewhere in between.

  3. I agree with you on the hysteria, Annie. What mainly upsets me is that there is so much cutting down of one's opponent. It's all about who argues the best. They all claim to be Christians, and that's how they treat fellow Christians. Unfortunately, the more soft-spoken candidates are not usually popular.

    Vitali, it's funny you should say that since I've heard the same thing said about the Republicans being self-centered.

    I just think the whole 2-party system is odd. People have a lot of the same basic cares, but there is more variation on individual issues than a democratic/republican system allows for. If I'm pro-life, does that mean I have to automatically agree with the Republicans on everything? It doesn't make any sense.


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