Saturday, September 6, 2008


All the relatives have gone, and it's almost my turn! My time in the States is drawing to a close and I'll be boarding a plane for Russia on Monday.

I guess I'd better "enjoy" the heat here...


  1. "Попутного ветра тебе!" - as they say in Russia.

    No, no. You are not allowed to use Google Translate to figure out "Попутного".

  2. I don't use Google Translator, and if I did, it probably wouldn't help me with idioms!

    But, thanks.

  3. It's actually Google Translate. I think it's one of the best translators out there. I was reading the other day that they are planning to make it even better, where the Translate will be intuitive to the idioms (funny you mentioned that). I just used Попутного in it and it translated "in passing". Wow! It is better than I thought it was. Imagine when they make it better!

  4. It can be dangerous to rely on an electronic translator.


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