Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Okay, so I started taking vitamins more consistently and it definitely helped after a few days. Now I'm just regular sleep-deprived, ha!

There is a noticeable difference between regular tired and springtime tired when vitamin stores are depleted.

Other things going on around here:

-Catching up with some friends as time and schedules allow.

-Spending far too little time outside again.

-Enjoying a few spring days, but then trying to stay warm enough inside when the cold weather is back.

-Booking plane tickets and hotels for summer travel, and having my debit card not work, and then wondering how Andrei is going to get a visa.

-Practicing alto parts and trying to make certain English song lyrics ("you give and take away") sound good in Russian.

-Praying for Nepal.

-Preparing to send Andrei off to Moscow this weekend to teach an intensive course for a university affiliate.

-Cooking with my newest sous chef. He is starting to be more interested and his attention span is now long enough that I can leave him to go and grab the next ingredient without the kitchen or its occupants going up in flames. "I can't play right now, because I'm cooking!"

Proud to be helping Daddy!


  1. You have such an "American-looking" kitchen...compared to the three Russian kitchens I've seen, anyway. (Not a great assortment, I admit.)

    I like this style of "reporting"; I should try that when I'm busy.

  2. Really? I wonder why it looks American. It looks terribly unfinished to me. I will post more photos soon.

    1. I think because only one family I know actually has cabinets up above, and then just one set of them. Otherwise it is shelves, and hanging pots. Not nearly as much "stuff" as in an American kitchen. I love the simplicity.

    2. That sounds like a rented flat where they wouldn't get around to attaching things to the walls. But our cabinets look like the builder's edition or whatever it's called, where there hasn't been any attempt to fill the gaps and make it fit the space. Most people I know keep pots and pans in the oven! We only have two frying pans and they are usually just on the stovetop. We keep most dishes in the dish drainer in the cupboard. Yeah, there are perks.


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