Thursday, May 28, 2015

May flowers

Woo-hoo, a new post. Naptime is going by fast, though.

I'm still working on getting my energy back, and unfortunately Andrei has been under the weather. :/ When I last wrote an update, he was getting ready to go to Moscow for some heavy-duty lecturing. Well...he's been back for 10 days and still not recovered. Tonsils and laryngitis, not fun. So basically our May to-do list is hanging around for June.

Speaking of weather, we never really got our spring here in its proper season. We went from non-winter to non-spring (sort of warmish, but blustery all the time), and now that summer officially starts in 3 days, we are having spring-like weather. It's actually quite nice. You just have to wear layers and be prepared for the sun to suddenly go behind the clouds or even a rainstorm to come out of nowhere. I realized that part of what keeps me from enjoying the glorious sunshine is being unsure of what to wear, or not being able to convince David what he should wear. Now that he has worn a coat and winter hat for the past 8-9 months, he refuses to go without them. So on the first really hot day he was sweating buckets and we had to go home early because he got so thirsty.

Last weekend we followed through on some plans and went to visit a "Tulip Festival," which is pretty self-explanatory! We went with 2 other parents with kids, but none of us had our spouses along, so we all three pretty much spent the time trying not to lose our offspring! And then it did rain. So I didn't really see the tulips (only enough to see that David had gone under the barrier), and couldn't even get my camera set up without him running off. But it was fun to do something different and maybe we'll go back to the park, NOT on a Saturday, and WITH back-up so the adult-child ratio is a little more convenient. :)

Trying to update my recipe blog as well which is going at a snail's pace, and catch up on some photo projects-also miserably behind with that, but where there's a will, there's a way, right?


  1. I feel your pain.
    I had all kinds of plans for Florida, projects for work, needlework. I figured with several other adults I'd have plenty of "free" time - right? It doesn't really seem to be working that way.... And, the outings - well, we have similar issues.

    1. Such is life! :/ At least you've been updating your blog a bit, though.

  2. I've been wanting to go to tulip festival for three years! We finally are going to the park with a couple of friends this Sunday, but I'm not sure if the tulips are still there.
    Hope you husband feels better.

    1. We saw a bunch that hadn't bloomed yet last week. But you have to be ready to deal with the crowds!

    2. Weren't too many people because we were there before 10, but Diana kept whining, so we didn't get to see any flowers... Saw lots of squirrels though.

    3. We saw squirrels, too! :) I guess having an agenda with a child doesn't always work.


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