Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fighting fatigue

A word that people like to throw around in Russia in the springtime is avitaminosis.

My kid's sick, your kid's sick....avitaminosis.

Why do I feel like I want to sleep all the time? Avitaminosis.

But seriously, it can be so hard to get energized!

We live in an area that has very little sunlight for about 6 months of the year. David usually takes a multi-vitamin, but I realized that I hadn't given him Vitamin D drops all winter, nor have I been taking anything myself.

Last weekend we were at a church retreat, and I came back feeling like I'd been hit by a bus. Yes, we may have a cold virus in the family, but a week later, we still have the sleepies. I'm a total night owl and yet I'm practically falling over my keyboard right after dinner. I don't even have the energy for aimless Internet browsing! It's not the same kind of tired where you haven't gotten enough sleep and/or have been really active physically. It feels more like jet-lag.

Meanwhile, D. won't go to sleep...sigh.

I think I'll hit the drugstore tomorrow and refill my supplements. Any other tips? Other than a walk in the sunshine, if we get any.


  1. Oh, gosh - I'm SO sorry. You better take those vitamins! Even here in Michigan (where we did get some sun in the winter) everyone seems to be getting sick. I don't understand that, really....just as the weather gets nice...

  2. I'm feeling better, just haven't been able to update. Vitamin deficiency (or its consequences) shows up in the springtime, supposedly. As to why people get sick around certain times, that's debatable. It seems to happen in waves. I can often feel my body fighting a virus when other family members are sick, but sometimes it just manifests itself in fatigue, rather than a full-blown infection.

  3. I just heard that for as many years as there have been records, people DO get sick and die more frequently in the winter and early spring. So, there you are.

    Do you have friends that talk about - what is it? Magnetic forces or some such? My Russian friends here are very insistent that these forces have a great impact on health.

    1. Yep! And barometric pressure. I know I get headaches on certain days. I try not to buy into theories like that because I feel like if there is a known association then I will somehow convince myself that I'm sick! I would rather treat the symptoms; you can't change the weather.


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