Friday, March 20, 2015

Lenten Update

I haven't been doing much to prepare for Easter. Our church is having a series of sermons, but I tend to accompany D. to Sunday school during that time.

I dug out some old Sunday school supplies to make an Easter flannelgraph for David. It depicts Christ teaching, being arrested, on the cross, and appearing again to his disciples...yeah, I squeezed it all onto one board.

David likes listening to the story even though he doesn't understand completely.

I've run across many blogs featuring Easter "gardens" with a makeshift tomb covered by actual grass. I'd like to gradually gather the supplies to make something like that, maybe next year. Right now we have some onion and garlic tops growing as a yummy spring project.

On the decorating front, it's still a little bit of dilemma. Bunnies and chicks aren't relevant enough, yet crosses aren't really garland material. I think I might do some palm fronds or something for the front hallway, and then add a Resurrection message as the holiday approaches. Come to think of it, this would be a really good place to stencil a Bible verse or other uplifting message. Hmmmm....

Christmas/Valentine's decor, soon to be replaced!

In Bible study we are discussing the Ten Commandments right now, and I guess in a way it's an appropriate introduction to the Resurrection: realizing how impossible it is to measure up to God's law, and our need for salvation.


  1. I'm so impressed. Or, Monnie is that much behind David. I do think she is developing more quickly physically - both in terms of large and fine motor skills than she is verbally. Or, maybe I underestimate her? Or, am just a loser as a preschool teacher? I can't fathom trying to introduce this stuff to her.

  2. I explain in very simple terms, but at Sunday school everything is over his head. So I would say it does partly depend on the teacher, but I'm sure you are also teaching Monnie things that wouldn't have crossed my mind to explain to David. And there are definitely lots of things, like motor skills, that aren't his strong point.


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