Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Apartment Life

Before it snowed and got yucky again, we had some nice sunny days (including a partial solar eclipse last week!), and some spring maintenance projects were underway.

Like this one.

Action is towards the upper middle...

Every few days, a dump truck comes and dumps a full load of sand, then leaves. For the next week, a few workers gradually shovel the sand into a wheelbarrow, then take it over and lower it into the basement via the window. And then back for another load. And then the dump truck brings a delivery to the next building on the list. They started out with the building to the right of this one, and had already moved on to the one on the left, when we suddenly got snow again.

Definitely not a job to envy!


  1. Joshua would love this!! He gets ecstatic when the garbage truck goes down our street once a week - when he hears it he'll come flying out from wherever he is, tripping and stumbling to get to the window fast enough.

    1. He'd love it here! Unfortunately D. isn't as impressed anymore. :/


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