Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jesus and bureaucracy

Paperwork... wouldn't life be different without it? Sometimes I want to just throw it all in the garbage and get on with my LIFE.

But around this time of year, we can remember Mary's condition. Although she may not have given birth in December, if we observe the church calendar, we see Mary and Joseph getting ready to make a journey, all for the sake of paperwork!

Of course this isn't the earliest case in the Bible of people needing to travel for the sake of citizenship, land ownership, etc. But we know that at least this example of life's worries was not unknown to Christ. In human form, he wasn't exempt from it.

Scripture tells me, "The Son of Man has no place to lay his head."* Do I really have anything to complain about? Or, to look at it differently, is there any situation that the Lord does not understand? Does He lack compassion?

*Matthew 8:20


  1. Wow, you know I never thought about the christmas story in this light. Mary and Joseph were inconvenienced by having to travel and find a place to stay, but through the government's census rulings, God was working the whole time to fulfill prophecy and who knows what other good.

    He is definitely working through every circumstance, and of course not lacking compassion for us.

  2. Very true about God's plan, and to apply it to my original thought, you could say that our worries are nothing new, but that doesn't make them any less significant in God's eyes, and useful for our spiritual growth.


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