Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas myths and legends

Christmas legends...some of them are harmless; others, not so much.

I finally watched "The Nativity Story" recently. I had bought it after the holidays last year and waited the whole year. :)

The film provided some interesting material for meditation, although there were a few pieces of story that felt like they were placed there out of tradition rather than through careful research.

For example:
-The wise men arrive at the same time as the shepherds (this doesn't count as a spoiler:)). I had liked the portrayal of their journey, but why ruin the chronology?
-Mary rides on a donkey. For some reason this is in all the Christmas stories, but is not actually mentioned in Scripture!

Then, on Christmas Day, I opened up a news site to find the following headline: Was Jesus Wealthy?


Obviously not, you say. But apparently certain churches follow a different teaching, and this made the news.

The article mentions, "[Pastor] Anderson says Jesus couldn't have been poor because he received lucrative gifts -- gold, frankincense and myrrh -- at birth."

Again...this is incorrect, at least chronologically.

And this: " 'Mary and Joseph took a Cadillac to get to Bethlehem because the finest transportation of their day was a donkey,' says Anderson. 'Poor people ate their donkey. Only the wealthy used it as transportation.' "


So American churches are teaching that Christ was wealthy. Does this seem ironic to anyone else?


  1. Просто благополучные люди, хотят верить в "благополучного" Христа...

  2. Честно говоря, я не праздную Рождество. Это языческий праздник, так что мне все равно, что там магазины и телевидение рекламируют в этот день.

    Странно как-то. Христиане празднуют Рождество, однако совсем забывают о Пасхе. А Пасха это как раз то, что Иисус заповедовал нам отмечать.

    Весь мир лежит во зле. Рождество подтверждение тому. Не согласны?

  3. Contemporary myths and future legends:
    To measure the value of spirituality by its fringe elements does a diservice to not only the thing being measured but to the one doing the measuring.
    American churches are teaching what Russian churches are teaching; faith, hope, and charity. Newspeople report sensationalism, fringe, unusual, odd and abberant behaviors because that will pique a persons personal value.
    I apologize for not being able to read Russian.
    God Bless you all.
    Robert Clifton

  4. Hello Robert,

    The other comments refer to wealthy nations searching for a "wealthy" Jesus, as well as to pagan connections.

    You make a good point that we shouldn't focus too much on fringe movements or take the bait of sensationalism. God is working throughout the world, and we should first be proclaiming His wonderful deeds.

    I certainly don't believe these observations can be used to categorize all American churches, but I still think that it indicates something about the culture and/or lifestyle.

  5. Thank you for your response Elizabeth:
    Certainly the American lifestyle is one of the most luxurious from a materialistic point of view. Hence the clamor to become an "American". It is also one of the most decadent from a spiritual point of view. Hence the anti-westernization factions. (I pray that both change for the betterment of all mankind.)
    Neither phoenomena is new to the world. Rome fell due to gold and decadence. Only God knows what will come of the nations of Abraham. What you say and what I say and what other spokesmen for nationalities say is usually indicative of local more'. "The tongue is a smoldering..."
    Now getting back to the beam in my own eye.
    My prayers for you include asking for your prayers to be with me.
    Nice blog.


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