Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby shower

On Saturday we had our first church baby shower. It was fun because a lot of the guests and the mother-to-be had never been to one, so it was truly a surprise.


Everyone decided that I should be in charge since it was an American tradition. But I have to admit that I felt pretty overwhelmed and ended up delegating most of the responsibilities to other people. We had found a lot of elaborate ideas online, but it was hard to actually make it come about.

First of all, you can’t just go to one supermarket here and find a party section with everything you need. I think I went to about 5 different stores looking for the right kind of balloons. Also, another girl and I were working on a scrapbook to give the mother-to-be, but we could only find a few hours on Saturday afternoons when we were both free. After two sessions, we only had a few pages done and were running out of time. So that remained unfinished…oops!

But it was a fun time, overall. :) (Don't try looking for me in this photo, because I'm the photographer!)


  1. Congratulations on pulling it off so nicely! I'd be overwhelmed.

  2. Yes, I think I like the brainstorming phase better than the actual coordination! I keep being reminded of that. I am glad some people with different gifts turned up. :)


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