Monday, March 9, 2009

Russian customs

There are certain customs pertaining to life in St. Petersburg that I have gotten used to, but nonetheless do not find intuitive in nature.

It all makes sense, yet I still have to think about it. It feels like there is a tape recorder in my head dictating instructions: "Do this...., don't do that..."

Here are a few examples:

-looking left and right (and forward and backward) about 5 times whenever walking anywhere where any sort of vehicle might be roaming
-dressing meticulously for whichever weather is and will be
-taking a plastic bag (or two) with me wherever I go
-polishing my shoes
-changing my clothes whenever I get home or get ready to go somewhere
-always having cash on hand for transportation or groceries

For a humorous version, see a list of symptoms testifying to one having been Russified...

When I was thinking about writing this post a few days ago, the list was longer. My observations were sharper when I first arrived, and now the cultures are merging...