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Looking ahead

Just bought tickets for our trip to the States in a little over a month. I don't think it's hit me what I've gotten myself into. In fact, I don't think I can even imagine what it will be like with 2 kids!

We ended up having to switch airlines due to seat availability, but maybe that will be a good thing. Our last experience was actually pretty unpleasant. When we touched down in Frankfurt, we needed a few extra minutes to get off the plane. We let others go by us before getting all our bags down, Sophia (5 weeks old) in the carrier, etc. It was hard even getting our shoes on with the crowds around us and taking turns holding the baby. But apparently there was very little turnaround time or something, and the stewardess (polite up to this point) came up and started barking at us to get off RIGHT THIS MINUTE. And then she proceeded to stand over us, yelling, as we tried to gather our things now that our nerves were shot. No offers to hold the baby, help with bags, etc. I was unpleasantly surprised and I guess we will try to hustle next time.

Speaking of hustling, I chose really short layovers this time. Like, 90 minutes for switching terminals. With a newborn, we needed time for nursing/burping/diapering, but this time I decided that faster is better. So we'll put Sophia in the carrier, hope David is ready for some exercise, and BOOK IT to our next flight (aka miles-long security line). Part of the reason is that last time the few extra hours for catching a breather turned into a few hours of falling out of our seats from exhaustion as we waited for our next flight. Trying to use a bag as a pillow only to have it slide to the floor. Taking a turn with the baby only to find that I couldn't stay awake enough to hold onto her.

Next up is scheduling all the doctors' appointments, side trips, and hopefully lots of fun activities for this summer's trip. No visas this time-it'll be my turn for bureaucratic stuff when we get back to Russia in the fall. 


  1. Which (European) airport are you transferring through? Will you be using an airline that will let you put Sophia in a bassinet?
    We narrowed down our flights to a direct one or one via Dublin, but neither of them offer bassinets on the transatlantic flight. :( I think we might go with the direct one this time, since the kids are little and we'll have our hands full with stuff too, but in the future we'll do transfers to help them burn off energy.

    1. We were going to do Frankfurt but waited too long, so we're doing Paris (AirFrance). Did you use a bassinet for your son? We tried it once as we were put in the bulkhead seat...that actually may have been AirFrance. I was not a fan because you don't have the tray table for eating or the TV for watching. You have to pull the table/TV out of the armrest. And you can't have your diaper bag under the seat in front of you. And often they split those seats among families, so I was there alone and Andrei was across the aisle from us. Also, David refused to sleep in the bassinet. I guess I would go with a bassinet you could put at your feet while at cruising altitude. We will have the Ergo for Sophia and hope she sleeps on us, or something. I wouldn't choose the bulkhead, but I guess if we get stuck with it we will make it work. We will have 3 seats, so I'm hoping we'll be all together. Though it would also be cool if it wasn't a full flight and we got a 4th seat! I really have no idea how it will work with 2 kids. Also, we're going through Amsterdam on the way back. :)

  2. AirFrance...I've heard that's also called AirChance... ;) Yeah, we used a bassinet, but every time there was turbulence we had to pull him out - usually that was right after he fell asleep! I think we also figured out you could still have the screen as long as you pulled it out before they put the bassinet down - or maybe it was just that we shared headphones and watched a movie together. I also am not a fan of the bulkhead seats because of having to put stuff up top during takeoff and landing, but at least during the flight you can have everything strewn at your feet! And Amsterdam! How long is your transfer?

    1. Exactly. I guess technically they can even make you take them out of a carrier if there is turbulence. We will only have 90 minutes in Amsterdam.

  3. Oh, my goodness! I wish I could come along and help you! I have had a similar situation on a flight. I was traveling with Monica, and I also waited until everyone was off - for the same reasons! There's no room to do anything! If the little one is on your lap, you really can't even get all their bits and pieces on them, when you are sitting in that cramped position - let alone sort out bottles, pacifiers, diaper bag, bottle, purse, etc. But just as I was beginning to work on that - in came the cleaning crew, giving me dirty looks. Fortunately the kindness of some random folks in the airport saved the day. I'll wish you that kind of luck!

    1. Usually I'm the nervous sort that has everything packed up and shoes on 30 minutes in advance. But with small kids to care for and bags up above, that's not always possible.

  4. Waiting for your May Report!


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