Saturday, February 11, 2017

What went wrong?

I was thinking about all the years I've been blogging, and noting how I stopped writing as much. That's true of a lot of blogs I used to follow as well. Even though we all say we don't have the time, I know one issue is privacy. And somewhat related to that, I find myself not wanting to be as candid. When I look back at previous entries, I want to feel casual enough to just write about my day, or share something I'm struggling with. But it doesn't come as naturally. And I feel nervous nowadays sharing what's on my heart.

I observe some pretty amusing things each day, but I'm afraid of just having a "mommy" blog. Yuck. And also bugs me when women bloggers write about and photograph beautiful things, but never share a word about their daily messes or parenting struggles. There has to be a little bit of real life in there. So, I'll have to let the words come, even if they are about the same old day-to-day the person currently gnawing on my laptop.


  1. Ha! That picture is so cute! My kids like to push that shiny silver button on the side of my laptop while I'm know, the one that turns it off!

    1. My son used to push the power button on my husband's computer, and he needs it for work! I hardly have any important documents on my computer these days, and I save photos to an external disc.


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