Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Survey/Selfie

What I've been...

Reading: The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World's Happiest Country

Watching: The Beginning of Life: The Series (on Netflix)

Learning: Biblical Greek 

Cooking/Eating: Too many baked goods, including these, these, and these.

Listening to: Easter hymns

Striving towards: Going to bed earlier and decluttering my life.

What David is up to: Counting, gummy anacondas, and everything glow-in-the-dark

What Sophia is up to: Army-crawling, opening/closing drawers, trying finger foods, playing peekaboo

-Your turn!


  1. What I've been...

    Reading: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly - SUCH a good and practical book about why we allow ourselves not to respond to God (warning - definitely Catholic!)

    Watching: Broadchurch (on Netflix) Absolutely riveting. Murder mystery, but more character study. So thoughtful, well acted, well done!

    Learning: Russian (on Duolingo)

    Cooking/Eating: I made pontchiki from the Natasha's Kitchen recipe yesterday. Made me REALLY READY for Lent. They were very ugly (unlike hers), but tasty.

    Listening to: Hi God! by Carey Landry; I am embarrassed how much I enjoy it, though I play it for Monnie.

    Striving towards: Keeping my Lenten Promises (To Read scripture, pray, exercise and draw every day)

    What Monnie is up to: Intrigued with nature....drawing animals; rhyming and singing; her favorite show is Octonauts

    Very fun!

    1. Should also say that I am now addicted to podcasts - particularly the true crime podcasts Undisclosed, Truth and Justice and Casefile.

  2. Funny how I'm reading about finding happiness and you're reading about "resisting" happiness, though I guess that isn't really the point of the book.

    I do like British shows, maybe I'll try it even though I try to avoid murder mysteries nowadays.

    I wonder if I could convince David to listen to podcasts. That would be the main obstacle.

    1. I guess "Resisting Happiness" is something the Danes don't do.


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