Friday, May 23, 2014

What does YOUR medicine chest look like?

So today while David was napping I reorganized the spice shelf and the medicine shelves. Mainly I just took everything out and then put it back in a more orderly fancy Pinterest crafts here. I did use some smaller boxes to create tiers so that you can see everything at once.

This is the AFTER, in case you couldn't tell :)

The throat (and cough) remedy category (along the back wall) wins for being the most populated! I wonder if that is indicative of the climate/environment here. Lots and lots of people with chronic throat ailments.

Anyway....for now the medicines occupy 1.5 shelves of the wardrobe in the front hallway. Since the shelves are deeper than your typical bathroom medicine cabinet, it's hard to make it so that everything is easy to find. The way we have it right now pretty much works, though it isn't very pretty. When David gets a little older I think I will want something more closed, not a shelf that is completely exposed when the doors slide away.

I can't figure out what the optimal variation would be, though. I guess something with rather shallow shelves so that you can see all the labels at once? But then it would need to be really tall to fit everything! It was handy when we had them in the bedside table because we could open the drawer and look down and read the labels. But that wasn't child-proof. And drawers high up are rather silly; can't see into them.

Maybe one of those hanging things (shoe organizer?) with the clear pockets? But again, the medicines must be easy to find for US but out of sight to a child.

I haven't really found anything good you have any ideas?


  1. That idea of a clear shoe organizer is great! We don't have nearly that much! I think my mom's "tough it out" approach took hold. Except I do take sinus meds. For Monnie we have one bottle of children's acetaminophen. That's it. It's all thrown in two baskets - one for "inside issues" i.e. pills and liquids to ingest, and the other for "outside issues" - ointments, creams and bandaids.

    1. Downsizing is a great idea. We only use about 10% of the stuff we have and I think I would keep all the first aid supplies. We have so many different throat remedies that we probably won't use, but I hate to throw away expensive medicines, at least before they've expired.

  2. Keeping medicines organized is so hard with little children to keep things from! I have mine all jumbled in a kitchen cabinet, well the ones we use the most like children's ibuprofen, benadryl etc. My mom works at a medical laboratory and gave me one of the portable caddies the phlebotomists carry all their stuff in when they need to go to a patient. (it's plastic and sanitized haha in case anyone was wondering). I put the bulk of our medicines, bandaids and things in that so it's like a portable first aid kit and you can organize it pretty easily. I keep it WAY high up on top of a wardrobe thing. I think a big old shower caddy OR tool box would work just as well. It's just nice having things close at hand easy to grab in a pinch. I do use a clear hanging shoe organizer tacked high on the wall for Baby E's socks, diaper creams and accessories by the changing table. I had to cut the organizer in half so it wouldn't be dangling on the floor within reach of clever three-year-olds ;)

    1. I was thinking of a caddy like that or even a toolkit with all the compartments. But I have to admit, one of my pet peeves is storing things in containers/boxes where you have to take the whole thing down off the shelf and root around to find what you're looking for. I need stuff on display. Same thing with jewelry, I will not wear it if it's stored away somewhere...too much work to get it out! At one point I kept the diaper changing stuff out of reach, but I don't bother anymore, I just keep an eye on David. I think he's learned already that none of it tastes good. He did take all the clean (disposable) diapers at one point and stuff them into the washing machine!


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