Friday, August 26, 2011

Here we are

It was interesting to reminisce as we arrived at Pulkovo airport yesterday after a honeymoon trip.

Last summer, Andrei met me at the airport as I returned from a trip to the States. He often did this to help me out, even though it meant carrying one of my 50-pound suitcases in each hand as we took a bus, then the metro, then made our way up to the 4th floor or wherever I was living at the time.

But the thing is that we weren't dating at that time. So last July I was standing there at baggage claim, very glad that Andrei was waiting outside, but wishing that he had a deeper motive for meeting me at the airport. A hug would be nice, or flowers...or a surprise declaration of love? Then again, that would have been rather odd as we hadn't discussed anything beyond friendship, at least in any more than hypothetical terms.

He met me as promised in the waiting area, and accompanied me and my bags all the way to the new apartment where I was going to be living. The one where he would help me move furniture and come pick me up for our first date a month later (but neither of us predicted that, of course.)

And now we are back in the neighborhood where we first met, when I was living here 7 years ago, in the building next door to him, and wondering if he was ever going to come courting. We're back from our honeymoon and settling into our first shared apartment.

That's just an example of what can happen in one year...or seven, if you like.


  1. How special :) Enjoy settling in together!
    -Cristi Slate

  2. Elizabeth and Andrey - Your courageous insistence on living within the bounds of sexual morality and appropriate Christian courtship is an inspiration! I know it will have created a beautiful, strong foundation for your marriage. I am so, so happy for you both.

  3. I know, it's special to think back and see how God has worked in all the details of bringing you together!

    You followed my old blog, so I just wanted to let you know that I've switched to a new one if you want to follow me there - A new place to chronicle this new chapter of my life (marriage)!

  4. Thanks Cristi and Annie. :)

    Stephanie, I was thinking of doing a scrapbook of earlier in the relationship, to see how our whole story played out. Wishful thinking! Then the wedding album will probably come together on our 5th anniversary, ha ha!


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