Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The narrow window

This is a part of my series on pursuing temporary residency in St. Petersburg, Russia (look at posts labeled "residency").

When I heard that it was often a scramble to get all the documents for temporary residency, I thought...not me! I decided to try to get some of them done ahead of time.

However, it has taken me all summer to figure out that the background check will not be accepted by the Russian government if it is more than 3 months old. So it would be premature to get it done now.

I guess I'll have to hang on to my fingerprint card for a few more months, when it's closer to January.

I did order a copy of my college transcript, which might not be necessary, but is still good to have if you're planning to work or study abroad.

Of course I will be getting everything apostilled so that the Russian government will recognize it as official.

Even though I haven't been able to check off very many boxes, I think the research will pay off later.


  1. Elizabeth, make sure that every "official" stamp is an ink stamp. We almost had our birth certificates rejected because the state seal was embossed and not printed. Several different translation agencies insisted that they were not acceptable and wouldn't translate them for us. If you have to, just go to a notary who will put an ink stamp on the document.

  2. Wow, thanks! The seal on mine is embossed as well. Hopefully an apostille would take care of that problem. I checked in with the bank notary, but her stamp is embossed too and doesn't show up any clearer.

  3. Sounds so much like adoption paperwork. There's always one more thing, or something just a little bit wrong... Well, I do think your research will pay off with fewer surprises.


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