Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Missiology for Post-Soviet countries

I get a little tired discussing strategies for missions when all I really want is to be out there doing it. But evaluation is a necessary task of life that helps us be more effective.

A blogger in the Ukraine has written an article called "Toward Appropriate Missiology for Post-Soviet Evangelicals." It's quite a long article, and I haven't finished reading it. But you might want to take a look if you are serving in a Post-Soviet country (most of his posts are in Russian, but evidently he is quite fluent in English).

One of the author's points is that there is a lack of analytical material on this topic. "...multitudes of Western researchers and missionaries, who have been educated in seminaries and who have had the opportunity to conduct research in the best Christian libraries, over the course of twenty years of work in the former USSR have not yet written any serious analytical works." (Michael Cherenkov, in his article)

Do you find this is true? Do you know of any materials? I have honestly not read too many publications as I mostly rely on personal experiences and conversations.


  1. Да, статья у него действительно получилась большая :)
    И как всегда в подобных статьях практически никаких практических выводов. Написал, что миссиологии нет, но программы создания миссиологии не предложил...

  2. Идет правильным путем, а цель еще далеко...

  3. V.................August 13, 2009 at 5:19 AM

    Liz, you can respond to my post if you wish or you can delete it. I have a question for you, nonetheless. When will you serve your own people? "Lady in waiting?" What's that? Singleness? What's that? You spend so much time posting irrelevant posts. I wish you would post something like: "Me and my mom went to a local homeless shelter and fed some poor today." Or: "I witnessed on the streets of my town about Jesus today and one lady told me to shut up!"

    You know, that alone would make you very beautiful.

    There's so much to do here. Are there any real people left in the US at all?

  4. V.................August 13, 2009 at 5:28 AM

    And also, Liz, I beg with you, do not kid yourself into believing that you are doing some favor to Russians by going there. Do you REALLY think you do? How come you are not so favorable to the Americans around you? Do you hate America? Are you a socialist?

    Those are real questions, because I have met a lot of America haters, socialist lovers in the US. And... they were Christians. I think that's wrong.

  5. Vitali, I'm not really comfortable blogging about all the details of my summer activities. God is the one who holds me accountable, not my blog readers. I did mention homeless ministry at one point.

    If you're looking for Christians doing good works, why don't you spend some time with them? Sometimes they are just doing it quietly. You have to get to know them first.

    Having a fondness for Russia doesn't mean I hate America.

  6. V.................August 15, 2009 at 10:28 PM

    Liz, thank you for your reply. Let me explain (although I did mention this before) where I am coming from.

    First of all, there's no missionary calling mentioned in the Bible. It's a man-made term and anything that is man-made, when it comes to God-driven activities, is wrong and misleading. I know it is hard to swallow. I personally was influenced not by missionaries but ordinary teachers of the Bible who came to Russia to teach it. They never really called themselves missionaries. Now, you are saying you are a God' ambassador to Russia... Wow. Are you really? Is that just a phrase you are using because it sounds good, or do you really think you are a God's ambassador to Russia? Isn't it a little bit arrogant? I would never, EVER say about myself that I am a Christ's ambassador to anyone. Why? It's arrogant and unnecessary. What am I, an angel of some sort? No!

    I understand the fiscal responsibilities and that you need money to go to Russia and to feel good about your life there, but why all this show? What is it for? You know, any thinking person, and deep inside I believe you are, will be bored with what you and hundreds of others, who are caught up in doing this thing called mission work are doing. What are you exactly doing? You have learned Russian - oh, boy that's so cool! Let's move on! You want to help the Russian orphans - there are plenty of orphans anywhere! US is full of them as well!

    I do not think you are going to be convicted of anything. To be honest with you I am just as stubborn as you are, except, I have lived a bit longer. I think that's all it takes.


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