Friday, December 12, 2008

More pieces of the puzzle

I hadn't heard from my boss in over a month, so I decided to try emailing her again, even though I already emailed her two weeks ago and she hasn't responded yet.

Today I got an email from work, but it wasn't from the boss. It was from one of the other teachers, who recently volunteered to take over some of the organizational responsibilities. She sent a spreadsheet with information about all the teachers and travel dates. I was curious to see if I was even on the list.

Next to my name, it lists the company I had been teaching at and says "New contract for 2009 to be signed." So maybe that means I'll have my old students back! That would be nice. I was already preparing myself to start over with new students. Or maybe it means they are supposed to invite us back and haven't yet?

For the travel dates, I obviously have a question mark as my return date. The other teachers are all going home for Christmas and New Year's and coming back for the next semester, which begins sometime mid-January.

My boss is going to be in the States for 5 weeks. So she won't be in St. Petersburg working on the visas. But maybe she'll contact me once she's in the U.S. and has gotten a little rest. Let's hope.


  1. Лиза, молимся, чтобы все получилось!

  2. Hope everything goes smoothly and there is no delay! I bet Danya is wondering where the Americans went to. I was thinking of him the other day and his funny questions about how we got there every week.

  3. Thanks, it's a good thing that God is always on time! :)

    Mary, I told the kids I wouldn't be back until after New Year's. It will probably be a little later, but I promised them I'd bring something American to make up for it. Any ideas?


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