Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reading the Psalms

Sometimes it seems pointless to read the Psalms in order. It's hard to read about a soul being in anguish when I feel okay, or to rejoice and be glad when I don't actually feel that way. But if I read them "by mood," there are probably several Psalms I would skip entirely!

It's a dilemma.


  1. I have had those moments too!!!

    On a completely different note. I have just started a new blog. I would like to have your and anyone else's input.

    I know, I am a bit controversial, but... hey, that's what makes our lives exciting, right?

    Visit my new blog if you would. I may post my personal pics and the pics of Tallahassee there soon too. Thank you!

  2. Sure! Thank you for finding time to reply to your blog posts despite the fact that you have had so much activity going on in your family last weekend and this week.

    Congrats to your mom and dad, your brother and his wife!


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