Friday, May 11, 2007

Charming pupils

This is Ruth. This morning she greeted me with, "Hel-lo Liz. You-beautiful."

Must have known she was having a test today!

One section on the test consisted of responding to verbal commands to put on and take off various outer clothing. We had fun learning "!"

Ruth has a slight problem with stuffing things into her mouth, like any food in sight and non-food items such as my pen cap. But I'll forgive that, because when I was getting ready to go, she tied my shoelaces for me (without prompting), due to our lesson about tie/untie. It got me thinking...maybe I should teach all my students to put my shoes on for me! They could also learn to open doors, make me tea ....maybe answer my phone too and take messages. All for the sake of learning English, of course. :)

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