Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January survey/selfie

What I've been...

Reading: Interpreter of Maladies (Jhumpa Lahiri), Yellow Star (Jennifer Roy), Winter Blues (about SAD -Norman E. Rosenthal), Love Thy Body...(Nancy Pearcey), Habit Stacking (S.J. Scott)

Watching: Started some movie with Jack Black as a Polka entertainer on Netflix. David discovered a new show called "Earth to Luna" on Netflix, very entertaining and educational.

Cooking/Eating: Pancakes with hidden fruits and veggies, various concoctions with our new waffle/sandwich maker. Zebra cake for a baby shower for church.

Listening to: Raffi.

Striving towards: Not even sure, so many goals and plans all mixed together!

Looking forward to: Getting the packing/flight over with so we can enjoy some time visiting my parents.

What David is up to: Learning to read (in Russian), climbing on the furniture, mixing stuff together in the kitchen.

What Sophia is up to: Not sleeping well (but a little better), having a growth spurt, climbing on the furniture, opening/closing doors when she can reach the handle.

Your turn!


  1. What I've been....
    Reading: My Own Cape Cod by Gladys Taber
    Watching: North Woods Law, Murder She Wrote (was on CBS back in the 80's)
    Striving to: catch up on my dog training videos, get started on website transfer for the store
    Listening to: Alan Jackson (country)

    1. I used to love detective TV shows, but they give me nightmares!

  2. Reading... Little women,cold sassy tree, Pivot by Zimmerman
    Watching...Monk, Little House on the Prairie
    Stiving to ... Get my house in order and keep homeschool on track.
    Listening to ... Audio books, Beth Moore videos

    1. Good shows! I can't get them here unfortunately. I need to experiment with audio books. Are you from a blog? It just shows your Google profile.

    2. I have a blog I haven't written on for awhile.i just came across yours.

  3. Somehow the very idea of reading something called "Winter Blues" in St. Petersburg brings up that Russian literary idea "laughter through tears".

    What I've been...

    Reading: Monnie and I are reading "Little Visits with God" and an 1889 edition of "Harper's Third Reader" at bedtime....sadly, that's the size of it.

    Watching: Nothing. No time....though I am an administrator on a Facebook group for Connected Parenting, and that takes the time that I suppose I might use just chilling out in front of TV. I actually think of it as a kind of ministry.

    Cooking/Eating: Not much...except I did find a "Ten Minute Tiramisu" recipe on Bigger Bolder Baking" and tried it today. It is FANTASTIC. I've tried so many difficult Tiramisu recipes that I didn't like (even though they took all day), but this one is SO GOOD, as well as easy.

    Listening to: Podcasts - I try to include uplifting spiritual ones to my typical fare of missing persons, suspect convictions and true crime.

    Striving towards: Getting the house in order. I feel like I"m becoming a hoarder!

    Looking forward to: Warmer weather; this hideous cold is so miserable. Getting the new backspash and floor in the kitchen!

    What Anastasia is up to: Taking her driving test for the second time tomorrow. Working hard at Kroger and also at school.

    What Monnie is up to: Most annoying game request now is: Hide and Seek (I wouldn't mind if there were actually places to hide!) She's also trying out being a bit defiant. We do have fun together at Art and Music. She loves Sunday School.

  4. Turns out there were actual comments underneath all the spam! I am in some FB groups as well. What is the one you're in? I've never really been able to watch TV without doing something else. Sometimes it is fun to watch when doing chores. In the evenings I'd rather blog!

    1. The Facebook groups I am in are primarily about parenting kids with early trauma.....that and a couple related to the families in my parish(es).

      I also typically "DO" something (needlework, mostly) while watching TV, but the programs that I've really been wanting to watch lately are mysteries with subtitles, so they demand my undivided attention. One night I did sit down and begin watching one, and only after three or four minutes, did it hit my exhausted brain that there was a REASON that I wasn't "getting it" - the subtitles weren't on! Sheeah


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