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We Made It!

We survived the first semester with 2 kids! Andrei's done administering exams, so we've got a break now until next semester. There are definite perks to the academic schedule. If only certain conditions were a little bit more ideal!

I'm not sure what I pictured exactly, but the last few months could have been worse. We had our non-sleeper first and our good sleeper second (I type this as she is screaming hysterically and not going to sleep, but...usually she's pretty good).

One of the harder things about having more than one child is keeping them safe from each other... keeping them from waking each other up, etc. Sophia is pretty easy-going and can play with her toys by herself when she's in a good mood. So if she were an only child I could get something done, but instead I have to make sure David isn't smothering her. I might have mentioned before that I thought David might be kind of doing it to provoke us. So now that we don't repeat "be gentle" a thousand times a day, he doesn't run right over to squeeze her. He does it spontaneously but it's not like the first thing on his agenda. I have caught him rolling her over a few times, though!

David doesn't play by himself...and probably won't, ever. We'll see what happens when he learns to read! On the rare occasion that he is entertained by toys alone, I stand there gazing/listening in awe. Sometimes I lie on the living room floor pretending I'm going along with his wild make-believe scenarios, until he says "Mommy, let's PLAY!" I guess just being present doesn't count!

Anyway, Andrei did have a pretty heavy teaching schedule at times, in two different universities. There were a few weeks where he would leave in the morning and come back at 8 or 9 pm, which is a lot for a job where you are on your feet all day lecturing! He also had some regular radio programs and a lot of leadership duties at church. I managed to get to my doctor a few times, but Sophia hasn't been to a check-up since we came back to Russia! Oh, and I also sent off my yearly notification to the FMS...I hope it's gotten there by now.

And we survived! Sometimes it's good to be kind of thrown into the middle of things to be forced to gain some new skills. The kids and I got into a new groove, and my MIL came quite often to help out. I had to at least handle the morning routine on my own, which could be hard since I didn't often have time to take care of my own clothes and breakfast. Someday I want to be able to get up an hour (or 10 minutes?) before the rest of the family and use the bathroom by myself and get "dressed to shoes" (or cute slippers) and be sitting there smugly sipping a cup of tea when the rest of them get up. Someday!

Nina (my MIL) was in the hospital recently getting tests done on her heart. Hopefully she'll continue to stay on top of things but for now we're thankful she can be home, sleeping in her own bed and managing with oral medication.

I got to church once! I really got on Andrei's case about how we were staying home. I know we went regularly with David, but then I could at least help Andrei lift the stroller into the tram.

Andrei and I took Sophia on the first Sunday of Advent. Nina was singing in the choir so Vladimir stayed home with David, which seemed easier. Sophia did well and we got to have her prayed over. But I had to admit that it's pretty challenging and dangerous to take the big baby buggy on public transportation. One wrong step and there it goes! I think I finally understood how worrisome it was for Andrei. Not the kind of risk that is worth taking. So we'll wait until Sophia is a little bigger and can sit up in a lighter stroller. Hopefully David can go to Sunday school sometimes. He doesn't like the music at church...but that's another story!

Time for a new year!


  1. Could you carry Sonya in a sling? I can see that the big baby carriage would be difficult.

    This was a very interesting post; it gave me a much greater sense of what your life is like. What subject(s) does Andrei teach?

    Why doesn't David play by himself? Or, maybe the real question is why don't you think he will ever? Monica doesn't usually play by herself, but she does enjoy doing crafts by herself. She spent probably 45 minutes last night cutting small pieces of paper and putting them in a cup. I was a little concerned, as they were sharp scissors, but she was so intense and careful (and quiet!) that I let it go.

  2. I wouldn't want her to get crushed in the metro, and I would also be scared of falling on the ice with one of us wearing her, so we have to wait until spring regardless.

    Andrei teaches a ton of different subjects related to culture, religion, and philosophy.

    David's preference is always to play with someone. He's always been that way and I don't really anticipate a change. He is getting quite good at imaginative play, but always wants someone playing the other parts. I suppose there are some messy projects that might give him busy for a few minutes but it tends to happen accidentally.


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