Sunday, November 8, 2015

How the week went

This week felt easier, but it didn't hurt that Andrei was home more! His weekly schedule alternates between lighter and heavier workloads, though of course there is always preparation to do for the next time.

I got more breaks, and took a walk every day, sometimes combined with grocery shopping. I got outside more than David did. After the latest (mutual) meltdown, I have not felt eager to venture out together again. I heard someone reference not "cutting corners," and I think that is so crucial with 2 and 3 yr olds. You have to leave lots of time for transitions. You cannot just stop playing and head from point A to point B. There is no such thing as squeezing in a quick activity, because you have to allow time for preparation and then easing out of it. (But of course if you have PLANNED for the activity to kill a lot of time, it won't. ;) )

Another thing accomplished this week was a closet renovation I'd been trying to get done for several months. David watched a lot of TV, and regular housework didn't get done. But it is one of those tasks that will set off a chain of other things getting organized. I will share more about that in another post.

We don't set our clocks forward or backward anymore, so now we are 8 hours ahead of N.Y. time, as opposed to 7 during the summer. However, it has been getting significantly darker, both in the morning AND in the evening! I am sitting here and realizing it is only 2pm...really? When it is overcast, the whole day feels like night! Not too cold yet-holding steady around 40 degrees.

We did host Bible study this week. We try to have it regularly, but cancel when we are sick or when Andrei has to catch up on some work. All-nighters just don't work for us anymore! In our small group we have been discussing the Beatitudes. "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." That fits in well with current events, though I think sometimes it is hard to even mention them out loud. Our church has seen some sorrow this year, and there is more loss to come. But we hope in the Lord.


  1. Meltdowns..... I never experienced those with the calm "originals", though I guess I got MORE practice with the adopted kids, now I think of it! I AM more patient now!

    I try and cut my losses though, by not hoping for too much. We go to my mom's. We go to the store....but not if there is any fractiousness just getting out of the house. That doesn't bode well. Church is hopeless; I learned that by actually having to leave a time or two. And both times I am confident the parishioners were wishing I'd left a LOT earlier.

    I can't imagine all the dark. Do you have a routine with the indoor lights to help you keep some sense of day/night etc?

    1. I definitely monitor the indoor lights, but (I can't remember if I mentioned) several have been switched to LED and it is just not a calm-inducing glow. Need to figure something out.


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