Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mother and child moment

I've enjoyed some bonding with David this summer. Here we are checking out a fun fort near where my sister lives:

Don't forget to take pictures of yourSELF with your kids/family/friends,
especially if you're the one usually behind the camera! Makes for good memories...

David was really clingy especially at the beginning of our summer trip, maybe because it was a new place. He constantly wanted to be with BOTH of us. I guess he still does kind of tend to want to escape from one parent to go to the other. But he is a lot calmer now!

As I said though, it's nice to spend time together and be needed, because he is on that brink of toddler independence where he is often more interested in other people and not me. :)


  1. Cute picture! David is getting so big! And a good reminder to get IN the picture with the kids... I need to work on not being bossy about getting someone to take the picture how I want (use this setting, zoom in, no not that close...now that's the wrong angle, etc etc) but just be happy to get shots and capture the memories!

    1. Most of the ones of myself I still wouldn't really want in an album (pajamas, etc.), but for memories' sake I'm glad to have a few.

  2. That's the cutest picture ever! You should make it your FB header.

    I think one of the few photos I have with Monnie is from when you reminded us of that before. Good idea!


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