Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Can you say "packing panic" out loud 10x fast?

So, yeah...I had lots of posts that didn't quite make it to being published over the last few weeks. And photos that I don't have time to upload.

We just had our 3rd family birthday celebration in 2 weeks, and there was also a baby shower that I was heavily involved in, so it's been event-ful.

Things are up and down a lot and many times a difference of just one hour can make or break my day. I hadn't packed at all until this evening and then in a matter of minutes I was about 75% done...I just needed to be able to concentrate. Whereas David waking from his nap one hour earlier can really make me get behind.

David has been out of sorts and I'm never sure if it's just his age or if something is bothering him. He doesn't have any visible physical symptoms, but could be teething. I was literally in the middle of typing this (it's 1am) and he suddenly popped up in his bed and started calling for "Thomas," his new train (which is made out of hard plastic and has lights and sound effects). Ants in his pants...

I'm not sure what the plane ride is going to be like, and I'll have to test the theory, but it reminds me of being in labor where the details are fuzzy, you just remember that it's hard. :)

One more full day and we're leaving on Thursday.


  1. I hope traveling is smooth and David surprises you! :) We did remember this--crying kiddos help you go through lines faster(at least this was the way for us!)---choosing to think about the good things -hehe!

  2. Oh, I think you left last Thursday! Hope it was great!

  3. It was definitely better than I had pictured! Enough curiosity to keep crying at bay.

  4. It was definitely better than I had pictured! Enough curiosity to keep crying at bay.

  5. Miss your more frequent ramblings but life happens! Are you in the States visiting family? Hope you're finding some time to slow down and relax a little this summer :)

  6. Yes, we are. Spotty Internet and such, but I'll be back!


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