Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Awkward in a good way?

There is nothing sweeter than seeing the result of answered prayer.

I know I'm supposed to be going to be going to (oops) bed earlier and my sore throat of 2 months is coming back, but I need to reflect.

I started thinking about it last Sunday, as in the 9th, I think it was. But I didn't have time to blog. And so, it's been brewing.

The classroom our church rents on Sunday mornings has more than one awkward feature, but the most pronounced is probably the fact that the door is at the FRONT of the room. Yep, try walking in when worship has already started, or even worse...during the sermon. No slipping in unnoticed! Or what about if you need to excuse yourself in the middle of the service, or if your child should squirm or cry? Grin and bear it? Or stand up and walk out, as everyone stares at you?

I know I sound melodramatic to some of you, for which I apologize. But the fact is that I found a positive feature of the room's backward layout.

When I'm late, people see me. I don't want them to, but they might just be glad to see me. Similarly, I see others who come in late. A lot of times this will be someone who had asked for prayer during the week. And I can't help but feel an incredible sense of thankfulness that this person is here worshiping with us.

That brother with a heart problem. The teenager with stomach pains. The young woman who lost her grandmother. The young man who hasn't been with us for many months. They CAME. In my "church" series I've been exploring the struggle of maintaining church attendance, so I am really conscious of what it takes each person to get to church.

There are a few people whose presence practically makes me burst out crying each time. Like my friend who was pregnant at the same time as me and came down with chicken pox...then got a brain infection of some sort after giving birth. Is she here today with her husband and babies? Is she even singing with the worship team? We weren't sure we would see this day.

So as I look up at the worship slides, my vision might get a little blurred. Because certain people are still walking in and trying to find seats and taking off their coats. But in my distraction, I am thankful. And I look around and am reminded of other needs, ones not answered yet. I know I must continue to pray, constantly.

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