Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Eve

Goodness, that week went by fast!

We have been passing cold symptoms around this family for the past month. I was sick nearly the whole time we were in the hospital, but ironically, I had to hide it from the nurses! After we got discharged from the hospital last week, Andrei wasn't feeling well. Then all of a sudden, David was coughing. So I stayed home with him on Sunday and Andrei decided he felt well enough to attend church.

David's burn

On Monday we made another trip to the hospital. It actually didn't take longer than driving, but we hit a few snags: first our tram was delayed and then when we got to the other side of town, the trolley we were on broke down-actually, the door got stuck open because of the cold, so we had to evacuate. Thankfully, there was another trolley right behind us and we jumped on. We got there in time to catch the doctor, and he removed David's bandage, this time for good! The rest of the healing will take place in the comfort of our home.


We finally got our Bible study together this week, for the first time since Christmas. This was the meeting that had been delayed for two weeks...that we'd canceled the night of The Accident. Everyone noticed how much David has grown and is "talking" more. He was a source of amusement when he kept pointing at the tea mugs and then jerking his hand back to demonstrate "hot!" We can laugh about it now. Then he seemed to lose his cookie, so I gave him another, only to have him produce the original one out of nowhere, like he had hidden it up his sleeve! He likes to hold up objects and invite everyone to take a look, as if he is a magician about to perform a trick.


...will go by fast! Andrei finally was able to file his application for a visa to Finland. We'll go there for a day or two so that we can renew David's Russian registration. We might have to do this every 6 months for several years...though I suppose we may eventually get a permanent residency permit for him.

I also have to do some stuff with Immigration. For example, I switched registration addresses back in September, but apparently the housing committee is still charging for my living at the old address. I have to go and formally cancel that registration even though it expired in September. It isn't a huge problem, just another case of having been giving the wrong information and still not having a clear picture. And being charged for "living" in two places...thanks!

Oh yeah, and there's a church concert in 3 weeks and I haven't rehearsed for a month! Plus some other church events. But to be honest, it's exhausting for me to even imagine participating. I still feel like I need to recharge, and maybe start getting fresh air again more regularly, so I can get into things again.


  1. Still have a hard time understanding why the child of a Russian citizen, living in Russia needs registration. Difficulties abound.

  2. That isn't the worst of it. Just last week I was informed that I'm still registered at 2 different addresses and therefore being charged (utilities) for both. Bureaucracy fails (wins?) again!


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