Monday, January 21, 2013

On this Day in (the) History of David

In an otherwise lame book on sleep training, I read something helpful (my husband asked why I keep reading the parenting books if they’re so lame, and I realized that I just like finding something to argue about…or complain about on Facebook, ha ha!).

The author mentioned not being able to remember what she did when her child was at a certain age…SO true! Of course if something triggers a memory, I can sit back and remember a particular experience in detail.

But in general I am already forgetting David at 3 months, 4, etc. I’m huge on collecting memorabilia and such, but I’ve just never been able to get into those photos each month with the sign, or the cute little updates.

So here is an attempt. (Pretend there is a 6-month portrait in this space)

1) Starting solids: It took Andrei and me about 30 minutes working together to come up with the ideal consistency of pureed zucchini in order to give David his first try! His reaction wasn’t nearly worth the effort. Truth be told, after a few days of that, I haven’t had the motivation to do the cooking/pureeing/dishes again.

2) Independence: Andrei and his mom and dad all watched David together while I went to a baby shower. I was ready to zip home in case David wouldn’t take a bottle. Instead he guzzled from the bottle and took two naps. When I called they basically told me not to hurry home! When I did get home he couldn’t care less, though he was pleased to refuel, and then slept soundly through the night.

3) Animal comparisons: David reminds me a lot of a cat at this point, in that he is always batting at things. Sometimes he just lies there slapping the floor/rug/whatever surface. And he has sharp claws…ouch! But he can be very snuggly and make cute noises.

4) Communication: David often likes to chime in during discussions. If I’m singing to him before bedtime he graciously joins in with some harmony, and after naptime he tells us all about how well he slept. Meanwhile, he and Andrei have their own special language and I hear really interesting noises coming from the room when Andrei is supposedly changing David’s diaper.

5) Never say never: That’s my motto about things like store-bought baby food, cry-it-out sleep training, baby-wearing, seemingly useless gear, TV-watching, baby-sitters, and probably a bunch of other things. Of course we have principles, but you never know what specific situations you’ll face as a parent.


  1. Now it is my turn to ask if I can borrow this idea for a post, because I have been shaking my head in amazement that I CANNOT remember Aidan and Lydia "talking"! Now, in Aidan's baby book I had the persistence to record the addition of every new consonant and vowel to his repertoire, but for some reason, I do not remember the adorable vocalizations or the light-up-the-room expressions from my older children. However could I forget such a thing? They HAD to have gone through these stages! Wasn't I just rapt???

    Well, I must not have been....or, maybe I was, but I am sick at heart for forgetting....though perhaps I'll forget Monnie, too.

    So far no hope for recording it on camera as the moment the camera comes out she is as sober as a judge.

  2. Ha ha, go for it. I have barely taken any photos lately, sad! In David's baby book you are supposed to record dates with first smile, etc. I'm just not good at those details. But, I'm proud of him when he learns new things. If you have a digital camera, you could always try to capture Monnie doing something and then name the file with whatever it is, so you don't forget?

  3. I got inspired and took probably 50 photos of her yesterday morning - I got ONE that was good! I ought to do a post of some of the others!

  4. Yes, I often end up with blurry ones. But I keep most of the imperfect ones around because they're pretty funny.


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