Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Around the Table

Andrei and I purposely sought out an apartment with a kitchen that was big enough to SIT in. Of course, in Russia, people will squeeze into a kitchen of any size-that's where the best conversations take place! But here we have an actual dining area. We have a living room, too, but often just end up in the kitchen. Maybe it   feels cozier.

Nina and Vladimir and the psychedelic wallpaper...

Andrei is a big fan of the works of Francis Schaeffer and of the L'Abri idea. Our small group has been meeting at our place recently, but it's been a little disjointed. Out of the many members, only a few show up each time, and it's a different few. We're happy to see those who come, but where is everybody else? We're not really doing a formal study at the moment. Either we read a book of the Bible and have some free-form discussion, or sometimes asks a question about faith in daily life, and we discuss that. And then pray.

I'm inclined to enjoy the moments when the group is small and each person gets to speak his/her mind. We were nearing the end of our gathering last time, when I realized that we were having a "L'Abri" sort of experience. Though professed believers, none of us has it all figured out. It was good to ask and answer some questions that we all ponder at one time or another. We encourage regular church attendance, but sometimes people come and go, or choose a different church to join. So it's good when each encounter can be edifying, because the next one, if it happens, is always different.


  1. That is exciting wallpaper! On one trip to Russia I had the idea that it would be fun to buy a few rolls of Russian wallpaper, so I could have a bit of Russia at home..... Have to say that I decided that Russian wallpaper is not my cup of tea.

    I have such fond memories of sitting in our Russian friends' kitchen!

  2. I was secretly hoping to re-wallpaper but the previous owners left scraps for patching, uh oh! They did a quality job, nothing even peeling anywhere. That paper in the kitchen HAS to go. I do not want to have seizures while trying to enjoy a meal.

    On another note, we have some extra rolls that are up for grabs. ;)


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