Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Good Samaritans

So, I had a little episode in the metro the other day.... let's just say I wasn't really ready to be taking public transportation again after being sick.

Cut to the passersby stopping to see if I was okay. There was a nicely dressed middle-aged woman, and a couple of homeless (!) guys (or druggies or whatever...sorry to be overgeneralizing, but just the kind of person you would normally see passed out or stumbling along).

We found a place to sit down and I lost a little of my breakfast and I thought, God sent me the perfect helpers: a mother, with a nurturing spirit, and two young men who are not freaked out at all by this type of thing. Strange, but true.

I had left for work that morning with a great sense of peace that God was watching over me.

Once the two guys saw I was going to be okay, they said goodbye. "Here's your stuff," said one of them. I hadn't even realized that I had handed over my belongings to a total stranger.

The lady gave me a sweet Clementine to eat, so juicy and refreshing. Then we walked down the stairs and went our separate ways.

I'm humbled every time I think back to how they stopped and helped me. How many times have I walked right by someone in need? How many times have I turned away for someone who looked dirty or disheveled? But they didn't pass ME by.


  1. What a beautiful and inspiring story. In honor of it, I'll try to keep that idea at the top of my mind - reaching out.

  2. I'll always be grateful that you were with me that day on the crowded bus from Kolpino when I was terribly sick. We got off on another stop and I barely made it to the restroom. You were with me that day and I'm very thankful.

  3. It could happen to anyone! Sometimes it's good to feel vulnerable and be at the mercy of others. I probably could have done a better job taking care of you, though.


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