Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It is always strange to be writing a blog post from a new location. The last time I clicked on "New Post," I was on a different continent.

The worst of jet-lag is behind me, though it's still hard to focus my mind on something and do it. But it is nothing to complain about!

I headed off to D.C. a few days after arriving, where I met my youngest niece (8 months) and saw some college and even high school friends! We marked our 10-yr high school anniversary this year, so it's nice to see how the Lord has enabled friendships to continue.

And now I'm back in Massachusetts, waiting for my new visa...

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  1. I thought you got your residency in Russia. Did something go wrong?

  2. No problem, just have to wait until September! And my visa expired. So I could wait in the U.S., but I'm getting another 3-month visa to cover the last few months.

  3. I do not understand why you had to leave to get a three month visa since you said you had permanent residence? I have permanent residence for the last six years and never had to get any visa renewals. I usually travel outside of Russia once a year at least, and never had any trouble leaving or coming back, never needed a visa at all, so something isn't right if you have permanent residence an dhad to return to the US to get a new three month visa, that's hard to understand?

  4. No, I just handed in my application in April, I don't actually have the residency yet...


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