Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good news and bad news

Wow, what a day! The first half consisted of my sister's wedding festivities. We got up at 6:30 to get our hair done, and the day continued from there. The wedding was beautiful, and I expect to have some photos soon.

I managed not to cry during the wedding at all. Then I got home and my visa was waiting for me on the kitchen table. I opened it up, and...


See that date saying September 24th? That's the entry date. But I was supposed to arrive in St. Petersburg on September 22nd.

I had been so pleased with the travel company for being prompt, and here was this big, glaring mistake. I have never had any trouble with a visa like that before.

I am not sure where the glitch's possible that you have to wait a certain number of days after the visa is issued to actually enter the country. Usually it is only about 1 day, but the rules may be different with student visas.

Anyway, regardless of what went wrong, there is no changing the date in a visa. It's not like you can get a note saying that that there was a mistake and to please let you in the country two days early.

Meanwhile, all the relatives were starting to arrive back at our house for post-wedding socializing. I managed to get on the phone with British Airways, and they did have a seat available on Wednesday, arriving (legally) on Thursday. My parents are going to the airport that same day, so we can carpool.

So I went back downstairs to see my relatives. I am really glad that I didn't know about this issue before the wedding! I had enjoyed myself, fully expecting that everything was fine. Now I guess I will just have a few more days to pack and catch up on sleep before traveling.


  1. Glad it all got sorted out so quickly last night. I'm sure the couple extra days will end up being useful... What a great sibling picture!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm just getting started with packing...

  3. Love the sibling picture! :)
    And glad that everything is fine now. :)


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