Saturday, February 16, 2008

God cares for orphans, Part 2

The other day I was at a prayer meeting for people with a heart for orphans. The crowd of about 14 included missionaries from different countries (Germany, the U.S., Great Britain) as well as Russians. There was a young Russian lady present whom I hadn't met before, although she was accompanied by some ladies I do know who work in transitional homes for orphanage graduates.

After the prayer had ended, I approached the young lady to introduce myself. She was sitting by herself as the others talked amongst themselves. "I'm an orphanage graduate!" she announced, partway into the conversation. My heart was immediately touched that she had risen out of her circumstances and joined a body of believers who wanted to help others in her situation. "I want to help orphans too," she said. She also shared with me that she had lived in Kazakstan for four years, as a missionary to the Muslims. "I liked my years from 20-25 the best," she said almost wistfully. "I was active, doing ministry. But now I will be doing ministry too, helping orphans." She was around my age. And what a life! She would be an example to others. I was encouraged.

When I got up to leave, the missionaries continued to chat jovially, but my new friend came over and gave me a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. It is sometimes surprising how easily God can unite believers in love.

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